A Christmas Photo ‘with’ Santa

A Christmas photo with Santa Claus is the iconic Christmas picture taken year after year to highlight our little ones love, fear, curiosity and excitement of sitting on Santa’s lap. And boy those are some of the most treasured photos! Here are some pretty neat photos dated all the way back to 1918 of children getting their picture taken with Santa Claus.

Unfortunately, along with many other things that have been taken away from us this year, Santa photos at the mall or at favorite Christmas festivities just won’t happen due to Covid concerns. The magic of Christmas is so important this year for children since most of what they know has been turned upside down, right side and then upside down again.

Christmas photo with Santa

It won’t be the same but I wanted to be able to offer something of normalcy to this Christmas season by creating a composite of Santa Claus holding a frame of a photo of your little ones to create the perfect Christmas photo ‘with’ Santa.

This is not an in-person meeting with Santa but just using a photo of your children either that I photographed this year or one that you have taken with your phone/camera. All you have to do is send me the photo and I will place it in the frame Santa is holding and send you back the final digital image! And it is only $15!

This is perfect for getting that yearly Christmas photo with Santa!

It is also a wonderful way of sending beautiful Christmas cards of your children if you were unable to get a Christmas photo or any other professional photos this year. If you’d like to know more information/pricing on custom Christmas cards using the Santa photo, click here or email me at lindseyferriephotography@gmail.com.

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