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When I am not photographing your sweet babies and families, you can find me at home in my leggings and t-shirt homeschooling my pre-schooler and kindergartener. The rest of the day I live in my kitchen preparing countless snacks and meals for these very hungry, growing kids! I am the biggest homebody, I just love being altogether with my family talking, laughing and playing. But don't get me wrong, I get so excited for date nights with my husband, dinner with my girls and shopping for new house decor and new outfits for the family! I try my best to live my life focusing on the pure, lovely and happy moments of life while pursuing Christ.  



I do what I do

Motherhood may not always be easy and glamorous but rarely do Mothers remember the messes, the crying and the tantrums. What they remember is the love, the snuggles, and the laughter. 

Unfortunately memes, social media and blogs everywhere focus so much on the stresses and messes of Motherhood. But those are not the things we will remember and look back on when the kids are grown.

Whenever I pick up my camera, I strive to create beautiful and emotional images that tell a story and showcase the beauty of both the people in the images and the world around them. 

I have called my own Mother many a times seeking advice or just solace in the fact that this 'mess' of Motherhood is normal. And I'd ask her ‘Did we do things like this?’, ‘Did you feel like you were always yelling at us?’ 

And 99% of the time her answer is No. And I am doubtful that my sister and I were perfect angels lol. So yes those memes, quotes and lengthy blog posts about how our toddler screams when we leave the room are funny and relatable but it’s definitely not something we remember or in actuality WANT to remember. 

We want to remember the BEAUTY of Motherhood. That’s what I am here to capture. The true, natural, pure beauty of Motherhood.

'Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things.'

Philippians 4:8


My Favorite Things

My number one priority is to serve God and live according to His Will so I am continuing my walk with Him daily and it's my favorite part of the day. Spending time in fellowship with God.

Follower of christ


My Favorite Things

My favorite way to relax after a long day is to sit next to my husband and watch our favorite show. We have watched FRIENDS on repeat for so long that we often reference it and quote lines from the show. Hands down the funniest show ever made!

my favorite tv show: Friends


My Favorite Things

I love perusing some of my favorite stores like Target, Homegoods, Hobby Lobby, and Ikea for decor items to update a space. It's crazy to me how adding one little thing make a space look more inviting and cozy! Since I am a big homebody I like my views at home to be pretty!

decorating my home

Lindsey Ferrie Photography is an on-location, traveling Pittsburgh newborn photographer also specializing in maternity photography, family photography, and baby photography. My photography style is light and airy, pure and natural with an authentic feel while providing my clients with a photography experience that is stress-free, relaxed and fun! My coverage area is the greater Pittsburgh area including Cranberry Twp., Pa, Wexford, Pa, Upper St. Clair, PA, Fox Chapel, Pa, Beaver, Pa, and most areas in Beaver, Allegheny and Washington Counties. As well as some neighboring cities in Ohio and West Virginia.