Pittsburgh Mom with her babies

Last year was a tough year for everyone but especially for Moms, Moms who were frontline workers worrying about catching and bringing home Covid to their family, Moms who no longer had a job to rely on, Moms who were trying to balance working from home while homeschooling their children, Moms with anxiety nervously sitting […]

Jun 25, 2021


Mom and smiling baby in pittsburgh

My main goal as a photographer is to showcase Motherhood, a journey that is so rewarding and so deserving of remembering for generations to come! The interactions with your littles that happen in the middle of the day, the hugs and kisses for no reason and the laughing from tickles when everyone just needs a […]

Apr 13, 2021


Mommy and Me Portrait Session

As you may know Monday, March 8th was International Women’s Day and I had the privilege of spending it with 4 amazing women and their littles for a Mommy & Me Portrait Session. I had just purchased some new dresses for my client wardrobe collection and I was eager to show them off! So these […]

Mar 10, 2021