Motherhood Mini Sessions | Pittsburgh, Pa

Motherhood may not always be easy and glamorous but rarely do Mothers remember the messes, the crying and the tantrums. What they remember is the love, the snuggles, and the laughter.

Unfortunately memes, social media and blogs everywhere focus so much on the stresses and messes of Motherhood. But those are not the things we will remember and look back on when the kids are grown.

I have called my own Mother many a times seeking advice or just solace in the fact that this ‘mess’ of Motherhood is normal. And I’d ask her ‘Did we do things like this?’, ‘Did you feel like you were always yelling at us?’ And 99% of the time her answer is No. And I am doubtful that my sister and I were perfect angels lol.

So yes those memes, quotes and lengthy blog posts about how our toddler screams when we leave the room are funny and relatable but it’s definitely not something we remember or in actuality WANT to remember. We want to remember the BEAUTY of Motherhood. That’s what I am here to capture. The true, natural, pure beauty of Motherhood. Starting with that sweet baby belly and all through life’s journey. That beauty lies within the connection, security and love felt and seen between Mother and child. Something that is better seen in natural, organic ‘poses’ and minimal background distractions.

I am a member of an amazing community called The Motherhood Anthology where we strive to capture and document these sweet moments between Mother and child as well as Families and all of life’s little moments in between.

These beautiful Mothers and their babies were captured in both Pittsburgh, Pa and Beaver, Pa. I love being able to provide photography through both Allegheny and Beaver County.

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