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Memories. The biggest reason I started my photography journey was to beautifully capture my family’s memories. Growing up, I was the child who was constantly looking through photos, asking to watch home movies and loved seeing ‘little me’. I loved watching my parents interacting with my sister and I, and even watching my older sister sing in the bath tub was always fun for me to watch! It brought back such fun memories and brought joy to my heart. 

Maybe it’s also because I love the psychology behind how we become who we are today, that I love watching the things I did, said, and played with as a child. Then I could possibly see the connection between those things and who I am today. It was interesting and fun for me! 

So when I got pregnant with my first son in 2014, I set out to capture everything. And not very well I must admit. I wanted weekly belly shots, and every first moment with my son and us as a family of three. My husband had gifted me my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel T5, for Christmas and it was so overwhelming to me that I just used it on Auto until about my 7 month of pregnancy when I took me and my big ole belly to a hotel in Pittsburgh and attended a photography basics class in the hotel’s conference room. Let’s just say I took a ton of notes but still left there with so many questions. My problem was, I wanted to learn EVERYTHING at once. But it just wasn’t possible. I didn’t know it then but it was the multiple sessions in different lighting scenarios that really taught me what I know today, the experience that allowed me to learn much more.

Here are a few of my first photos taken about a week after my first son was born in 2014

But as a SAHM with a new baby and my husband in a training program that was very time intensive, I didn’t have the opportunity to get any hands-on learning. I am the type of learner who thrives when I am being taught in-person so I can ask questions and figure it out right then and there. So by the time my second baby, my daughter, came along I hadn’t learned much. I knew I wanted to start my own business, photographing newborns and their families, at some point so I knew I needed to get better. When she was about 1.5 years old, I started working for Bella Baby at the local hospitals. There was some training involved but it was the experience that I was able to get that was invaluable. It was then that I fell even more in love with capturing newborns and their families. When you walk into that hospital room where Mom and baby are staying, the joy felt is just indescribable. The love and happiness that surrounds the miracle of this new little life, or lives if multiple births, fills the room and each and every time I feel so honored to enjoy these moments together with the families. There is just something about those little fingers and toes, teeny noses and long eyelashes that you can just stare at forever in amazement. 

These were my daughters Fresh 48 photos as well as a few from when she was about 3 months old in 2016.

From there it was a lot of practice, research and education that got me where I am today. Along with the trust and support from all of my amazing clients throughout this journey. I love that, for me, photography isn’t just a simple photo of a moment but also a creative outlet for me to enjoy. Capturing moments from different perspectives can evoke all kinds of different feelings. It’s about the details, the angles, the light, the composition that sets up the most emotion evoking memory. 

And these are a few of my third baby, second son, born in 2018

My passion has always been, from the very beginning, to capture newborns, and Motherhood for that matter, in the most natural and pure way. Simple, timeless, and organic true to life memories that are passed down through generations. 

Lindsey Ferrie Photography is a Pittsburgh newborn photographer also specializing in maternity, family and baby photography, including one year birthday milestone sessions. Serving the greater Pittsburgh area including Cranberry Twp., Pa, Wexford, Pa, Upper St. Clair, PA, Fox Chapel, Pa, Beaver, Pa, and most areas in Beaver, Allegheny and Washington Counties. As well as some neighboring cities in Ohio and West Virginia.

If you are pregnant and interested in maternity or newborn photography, I would love to begin planning your family photography session! From that sweet baby belly to those adorably cute little details of your precious newborn baby, you will cherish these photos for years to come. 

As a natural, lifestyle photographer my focus is your newborn, family and the emotions and connections told through my lens. Your story printed out and forever remembered in a beautiful authentic way.

For more information or to book a sessions you can contact me here or email me directly at

Apr 15, 2020

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Lindsey Ferrie Photography is an on-location, traveling Pittsburgh newborn photographer also specializing in maternity photography, family photography, and baby photography. My photography style is light and airy, pure and natural with an authentic feel while providing my clients with a photography experience that is stress-free, relaxed and fun! My coverage area is the greater Pittsburgh area including Cranberry Twp., Pa, Wexford, Pa, Upper St. Clair, PA, Fox Chapel, Pa, Beaver, Pa, and most areas in Beaver, Allegheny and Washington Counties. As well as some neighboring cities in Ohio and West Virginia.