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A Fresh 48 Session is a beautiful documentary-style type of photo session that is located in the hospital where you deliver your precious new baby. Many parents ask how they can prepare for their session when they don’t have as much control over things, like they would if it were an at-home session. So I thought I would write this post to help prepare expecting parents who may be interested in a Fresh 48 Session!

newborn in hospital

As I have mentioned, these sessions are located in your hospital room within 24-48 hours after birth and captures your sweet family as you navigate the new waters that is bringing a new baby into this world. Whether it be your first, second, or eighth baby, your first girl, boy, etc. I just love capturing baby’s first yawn, first bath, and first moments with Mom, Dad and sibling(s).

newborn feet in bassinet

Over the last few years I have photographed newborns at the following hospitals:

Magee-Women’s Hospital, Pittsburgh
West Penn Hospital, Pittsburgh
St. Clair Hospital, Mt. Lebanon
Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh
Heritage Valley Hospital, Sewickley
Heritage Valley Hospital, Beaver
Forbes Hospital, Monroeville

Each of these hospitals have a unique room set up but I have never encountered a room without a window and though some have small rooms, as long as there is a window providing light it makes for some beautiful images!

hospital newborn portraits


I have put together a few helpful tips to get you prepared for your Fresh 48 Session.

newborn fresh 48 photography


The question I get asked the most is what do I, my Husband, my children, wear for our session. So when packing your hospital bag, I suggest you include the outfits that you and your family will be wearing. Dads, I suggest to keep it simple with a neutral, solid colored t-shirt and jeans. For Mom, my biggest advice is to wear something that you feel the most comfortable in! I personally love the soft look of a pretty dress/nightgown but also the relaxed look of maternity leggings and a pretty maternity top in a neutral, solid color looks great as well. I even like the look of some of those pretty robes I have seen from Pink Blush Maternity. For the kids, again simplicity and neutral, solid colors and you can’t go wrong

family admiring newborn in hospital


Make sure to notify your photographer that you are in labor and headed to the hospital. That way they have time to schedule your session once baby arrives. I always suggest a text message because it is quick and easy, that can be sent by Mom or even Dad since Mom may be a little preoccupied!

newborn fresh 48 photo


I always let clients know that I like to wait until baby is at least 24 hours old for our session because by this time they have usually had most of the testing done and any swelling/redness has gone down some. I have photographed babies at all ages so this may or may not work out and the photos turn out great either way!

newborn baby yawns in bassinet


When I arrive I will take care of preparing the room, and open the windows to allow in as much light as possible, I will also turn off any overhead lights to avoid any color cast or yellow tint to the photos. I will also ‘tidy’ up the room a little bit and place things like pillows, food trays, snacks, phone cords, etc. out of sight as too many items in the room can be distracting in the photographs.

mom embraces newborn in hospital bed


In the hour before your session, feed baby if needed (I will always stop during our session if needed for baby to be fed so don’t worry if baby won’t eat right before our session) and then dress baby in a clean, plain white or neutral colored onesie. Then wrap baby up in either the hospital swaddle or in a neutral colored swaddle that you bring with you, this will help keep baby nice and warm and sleepy for your session. For girls, a pretty dainty headband and for boys, a neutral, solid colored hat also is encouraged for some of the photos.

siblings holding newborn in hospital


The nice thing about Fresh 48 sessions is that though it may seem like a lot of work, there really isn’t too much you have to do. Be in the moment and pretend I am not even there and just love on that new beautiful baby you just brought into the world and share in the joy with your other children, if you have them. It really is an amazing moment to experience and though it is never easy giving birth, the time flies and all that you’ll be left with is the memories caught and frozen in the photographs. This is what you will cherish forever!

fresh 48 session

My clients always tell me that they are so glad they decided to do a Fresh 48 session because their babies change so much during those first few days.

Lindsey Ferrie Photography is a Pittsburgh newborn photographer also specializing in maternity, family and baby photography, including one year birthday milestone sessions. Serving the greater Pittsburgh area including Cranberry Twp., Pa, Wexford, Pa, Upper St. Clair, PA, Fox Chapel, Pa, Beaver, Pa, and most areas in Beaver, Allegheny and Washington Counties. As well as some neighboring cities in Ohio and West Virginia.

If you are pregnant and interested in maternity or newborn photography, I would love to begin planning your family photography session! From that sweet baby belly to those adorably cute little details of your precious newborn baby, you will cherish these photos for years to come. 

As a natural, lifestyle photographer my focus is your newborn, family and the emotions and connections told through my lens. Your story printed out and forever remembered in a beautiful authentic way.

For more information or to book a sessions you can contact me here or email me directly at

Feb 3, 2020

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Lindsey Ferrie Photography is an on-location, traveling Pittsburgh newborn photographer also specializing in maternity photography, family photography, and baby photography. My photography style is light and airy, pure and natural with an authentic feel while providing my clients with a photography experience that is stress-free, relaxed and fun! My coverage area is the greater Pittsburgh area including Cranberry Twp., Pa, Wexford, Pa, Upper St. Clair, PA, Fox Chapel, Pa, Beaver, Pa, and most areas in Beaver, Allegheny and Washington Counties. As well as some neighboring cities in Ohio and West Virginia.