a Christian wife, mom of three, channeling my inner Martha Stewart 

Lindsey Ferrie

When I am not photographing your sweet babies and families, you can find me... planning. Planning new, healthy, homemade meals and snacks for my family, planning out what new things I want to teach/show/play with the kids any given day, planning for this wonderful business and planning the next date with my husband, which is usually months and months away. I make lists, plan, but sometimes I do none of it. I am good at relaxing in front of my favorite T.V show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and eating chips and hot sauce as I 'plan' to worry about all the things I didn't do that day. 


staying home
being with my family
cozy clothes


grocery shopping
long lines

Pictures are what help me to relive some of the best times in my life. As a photographer, I want those happy, blissful moments to live on in the memories of each of my clients. I love capturing both the beautiful, scenic orchestrated photos and the moments of our everyday life to look back on and cherish forever. It's the love, the laughter and the fun memories we make every day that truly tell the story of our lives.

I have always loved pictures because they bring me back to that moment captured on film. More recently, after becoming a mom, that love for pictures has doubled as I never want to forget these precious times with my children. Along with the art and beauty of photography, I enjoy working with clients to instill confidence and a display of their true self.